Element 2

Element 2


I have demonstrated knowledge, respect and understanding for all students whilst considering the many aspects that affect how they learn (Aspect 2.1.1). As a pre-service teacher I have demonstrated respect for and understanding of students across diverse social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and physical, social and intellectual abilities (Aspect 2.1.1 and Aspect 2.1.2). For example, I developed and implemented lessons within the Good Friends Unit of Work that demonstrated skills to support the learning of all students in the class, including differing backgrounds, abilities, approaches to learning and skills, interests and prior achievements. I have also demonstrated skills in planning and implementing lessons and units that pre-test the students tp determine their skills and understanding on the topic prior to learning (Aspect 2.1.4) (QTF: background knowledge).

I will strive to continue developing my skills and strategies to support all students of diverse backgrounds and abilities in order to best understand how they learn (Aspect 2.1.3) to provide them with a quality learning environment. I will utilise the strategies I have learned to differentiate the curriculum in order to support the learning abilities of all students, including in particular, Bloom's Taxonomy (1984). I will plan, implement and develop my skills to provide students with greater scaffolding when necessary, and other skills to encourage higher-order thinking (Aspect 2.1.3) (QTF: higher-order thinking).

I need to continue to learn more about the needs of students including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students with Special Education Needs and Non-English Speaking Background students, and how to best support them and their learning in the classroom (Aspect 2.1.5 and Aspect 2.1.6). I need to continue to reflect on my teaching experiences in order to best improve my skills and strategies to support the needs of all students and how they learn.

I believe in the celebration of diversity and that all students have the right to an inclusive learning environment that caters for their needs as a learner. I believe that all students have the ability to learn and education needs to strive to provide significant learning experiences in a quality learning environment. I believe that by providing challenging, and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities for students they will become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens (Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, 2008).