Element 3

Element 3 


I have demonstrated skills of careful planning for teaching and learning goals and programs, whilst considering, selecting and organising content, materials and resources for lessons and unit of study (Aspect 3.1.1, Aspect 3.1.3 and Aspect 3.1.4). For the News Reports Unit of Work I had to carefully organise the content throughout the unit in order for students to develop a sound understanding of the relevant concepts of the text type before they could develop their own (Aspect 3.1.2 and Aspect 3.1.3). Through this unit of work, I have learnt a great deal about planning and its importance for effective teaching and learning. I have also included a range of exciting and stimulating resources to engage the students in the learning tasks (Aspect 3.1.4) (QTF: engagement) in many of my lessons (News Reports, Space and Geometry and Science of Sound). Similarly, I planned and implemented a Space and Geometry Mini-Unit of Work of which I selected and organised the content (Aspect 3.1.3). For this mini-unit, I also carefully considered and planned appropriate assessment, both formative and summative, in order to ensure that my outcomes and strategies are linked (Aspect 3.1.5 and Aspect 3.1.6). I have attended and participated in staff and stage meetings regarding reports, and have assisted my coordinating teachers in writing and editing reports (Aspect 3.1.9).

I will continue to develop my skills to provide feedback to students to support their learning (Aspect 3.1.7). I will practice skills of reporting to students and parents on my next practicum (Aspect 3.1.9).

I need to work on carefully considering integrated assessment for learning and assessment of learning into my planning (Aspect 3.1.5 and Aspect 3.1.8). I need to find opportunities to learn more about the principles and practices of reporting to not only students, but also parents and caregivers (Aspect 3.1.9). I need to develop my skills in program evaluation particularly in relation to student assessment (Aspect 3.1.10).

I believe that planning, assessment and reporting is an essential skill that teachers need to support effective learning. I believe that I am working to further developing these skills as I professionally grow. Assessment lies at the heart of teaching - you need to know what a student knows in order to provide appropriate planning and learning strategies to meet the needs of the students, and two very powerful ways to do that are to use assessment for learning and assessment of learning (Brennan, 2007, p. 38).