News Reports Unit of Work

News Reports Unit of Work

Ashbury Public School, Year 4/5, October - November, 2007 

Unit Focus: 
 The students explore News Reports, including their purpose, structure and key features, before working in small groups to research, write and film their own news report on a global issue.

Unit Outcomes:

RS3.8 Identifies the text structure of a wider range of more complex text types and discusses how the characteristic grammatical features work to influence readers' and viewers' understanding of texts.

WS3.9 Produces a wide range of well-structured and well presented literary and factual texts for a wide range of purposes and  audiences using increasingly challenging topics, ideas, issues and written language features.

TS3.2 Interacts productively and with autonomy in pairs and groups of various sizes and compositions, uses effective oral and presentation skills and strategies and listens attentively. 



 SSS3.7 Describes how Australian people, systems and communities are globally interconnected and recognises global responsibilities.


Creative Arts:
DRAS3.1 Develops a range of in-depth and sustained roles.

DRAS3.3 Devises, acts and rehearses drama for performance to an audience.

DRAS3.4 Responds critically to a range of drama works and performance styles.


Unit Outline
 Lesson 1

Tues, Oct 30

Introduce the students to the text type of reports.

Outline the purpose, the structure and key features.


Lesson 2

Wed, Oct 31

Consolidate the structures and key features of reports.

Look at examples of news reports on the television.

As a class, discuss the reports.

Ask the students questions to check for understanding and develop new knowledge.

Outline and discuss the purpose, the structure and key feature of television news reports including the various roles and features which will be essential for their own reports.

In their groups, students begin to plan their news reports.

Move around the groups and discuss their ideas.


Lessons 3 - 5

Thurs Nov 1 – Mon Nov 5

Students work on their news reports. They can use the computers to research.

Move around the groups and discuss their developments.

Students finish planning, write and practice their news reports.

Students use the computers to develop footage on PowerPoint.

Need to put together a folder to ensure they are ready to film. This includes a planning sheet, a clear scene sequence, a storyboard, prop and costume lists and the final script.


Lesson 6

Tues Nov 6

Students begin filming their news reports with the video cameras.


Lesson 7

Thurs Nov 8

Watch the news reports.

Discuss the reports and encourage students to give positive and constructive feedback to their peers.

Students complete Individual Evaluations and share with their peers.