Element 5

Element 5


I have demonstrated skills in creating safe and supportive environments that encourage respect. On my practicums, I have strived to demonstrate a variety of strategies to develop rapport with all students (Aspect 5.1.1), including learning their names, participating in general daily discussions with the students and supporting their learning experiences in the classroom. I have demonstrated supportive feedback in the classroom to provide a safe and challenging environment where students are encouraged to take risks and contribute ideas (Aspect 5.1.2 and Aspect 5.1.3) (see Professional Experience Reports). I have also implemented lessons and that encourage student autonomy (News Reports Unit of Work; Space and Geometry; Science of Sound lesson) (QTF: high expectations; students' self regulation; and student direction). Autonomy is an important factor of the learning environment as gives students freedom, independence and decision-making opportunities of their learning, which William Glasser (1998) believes is fundamental in managing student behaviour (Aspect 5.1.5 and Aspect 5.1.6).

I will continue to develop my skills to create learning environments that are safe whilst challenging for all students (Aspect 5.1.2). The best way to reduce the number of discipline problems in the classrooms is to make learning relevant and meaningful and to foster and guide student autonomy (Edwards & Watts, 2004, p. 15); therefore, I will continue to strive to provide engaging and challenging lessons in order to reduce the likelihood of challenging and disruptive behaviours occuring (Aspect 5.1.5 and Aspect 5.1.6).

I need to develop my skills in practical approaches to manage student behaviour, particularly in whole class activities. I need to continue creating challenging learning environments in order to prevent problems arising with student behaviour.

I believe that respect is crucial in any classroom. Teachers need to develop rapport with each of their students in order to create a supportive and successful environment for teaching and learning. Students need to feel safe in the classroom in order to take risks and challenge themselves. Students learn best within cohesive and caring learning environments where the teacher offers support (Good & Brophy, 2003). Like Edwards and Watts, I also believe that by developing a supportive and challenging learning environment in which students are engaged in the learning tasks, the occurrence of challenging behaviours is reduced.