Element 6

Element 6


I have demonstrated an ability to critically reflect on lessons and teaching experiences in order to develop and improve my teaching practice (Aspect 6.1.1). I have demonstrated skills to accept and consider the constructive feedback (Aspect 6.1.5) provided by my cooperating teacher, both written and verbal. (See Reflection in the Good Friends Unit of Work and the Professional Experience Report Feedbacks.) I have attended and participated in stage and staff meetings and contributed to discussions about planning, assessing and reporting (Aspect 6.1.6). I have demonstrated an understanding in the importance of the exploration of educational ideas and issues (Aspect 6.1.7) through my ongoing work for my Honours thesis and research project.

I will continue to reflect on my teaching and use these critical reflections to improve my teaching (Aspect 6.1.1). I will continue to consider the professional standards framework to sustain and stimulate my professional practice to strengthen the link between my teaching practices and student learning (Aspect 6.1.2). I will be an active member of staff and participate and a team member within the school environment (Aspect 6.1.4).

I need to increase my awareness of the professional development available to me to support my teaching practices and my ongoing professional growth (Aspect 6.1.3).

I believe that it is vital for teachers to continually strive to develop and improve their professional knowledge and practice in order to best support the learning of all students. Teachers need to be constantly aware of opportunities for professional development of both the action and process of teaching as well as current knowledge and skills of the field. Professional learning is valued and recognised as a major contributing factor for improving the learning of students (NSW DET, 2004). I believe that teachers have a responsibility to undertake ongoing professional learning that develops skills, knowledge and understandings in support of this goal.