Element 7

Element 7


I have demonstrated effective communication skills with parents and caregivers (Aspect 7.1.1) before and after school with my coordinating teachers on my practicums. I have demonstrated an understanding of the importance of collaboration within the school between members of the staff and have attended and participated in weekly staff and stage meetings (Aspect 7.1.7). I have demonstrated an understanding of the regulations of my responsibilities to students' rights (Aspect 7.1.5) (see Professional Experience Reports).

I will continue to develop skills to communication effectively with parents and caregivers in order to support the learning of my students for discussing and reporting student progress (Aspect 7.1.2, Aspect 7.1.3 and Aspect 7.1.6). I will continue to develop collaborative skills to work effectively with members of the school in order to liaise, communicate and interact with my colleagues.

I need to find opportunities to engage with and contribute to the wider community as a teacher in order to develop positive relationships of my own and enhance the learning experiences for the students. I need to continue to explore and utilise opportunities to develop skills in building strong partnerships between the home and the school (Aspect 7.1.2 and Aspect 7.1.3) as research shows that this has many benefits on the academic success and social development of students (Porter, 2007, pp. 15-16). 

I believe that whole school collaboration is an important factor through all aspects of teaching and learning. I believe in the importance of developing effective communication and collaboration skills as a teacher so as to support the students throughout all areas of the school and development professionally. There are many benefits of strong partnerships with all members of the school community: they can improve school programs, parent and community member support, and helping students to succeed in the learning environment (Burke, Picus & Picus, 2001, p. 5). I believe that partnerships between the school and the wider community are a vital part of education and as a teacher I will strive to support and develop these connections.