Philosophy of Teaching


 Philosophy of Teaching


The mediocre teacher tells. 

The good teacher explains. 

The superior teacher demonstrates. 

The great teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward


I believe that the first step as the role of a teacher is to develop positive relationships with the students. I believe that teachers should strive to build rapport with all students in order to create a teaching and learning environment where there is mutual respect.

I believe that teaching is an interactive process between the teacher and the students. I believe that learning is a collaborative task of the teacher and the students, and co-exploration is an important aspect of the learning environment.

I believe that a teacher's role is to facilitate the co-creation of a supportive, stimulating and challenging learning environment where everyone feels safe to explore, investigate and take risks. The environment needs to emphasise unity and a sense of belonging, where all students are encouraged to succeed no matter what their learning abilities and learning styles.

I believe teachers need to not only develop positive relationships with the students, but also with all members of the school community, including colleagues, administrators, parents and community members. They need to develop skills that increase positive interaction and dialogue with all participants of the broader school community and to foster the connection between the school, the home and the community.

I believe that teachers need to have an openness to change. Teachers need to constantly reflect on their teaching and learning and they need to embrace feedback from others. It is also important that teachers strive to develop professionally with the development and changes of the educational world.