Space and Geometry Mini-Unit of Work

Space and Geometry Mini-Unit of Work

Erskineville Public School, Kindergarten, October - November, 2008

I planned and implemented this mini-unit of work over one week.

There were three kindergarten maths classes and were organised on ability.

This mini-unit was for the class with the students of a lower ability.


SGES1.2    Manipulates, sorts and describes representations of two dimensional shapes using everyday language.

Working Mathematically:
-    WMES1.1 Asks questions that could be explored using mathematics
-    WMES1.2 Uses objects, actions, imagery, technology and/or trial and error to explore mathematical problems
-    WMES1.3 Describes mathematical situations using everyday language, actions, materials, and informal recordings
-    WMES1.5 Links mathematical ideas and makes connections with, and generalisations about, existing knowledge and understanding

Previous Learning:
SGES1.1    Manipulates, sorts and represents three-dimensional objects and describes them using everyday language.


Lesson 1: (pretesting)
-    comparing 2D and 3D shapes (whole class discussion on the floor)
-    naming 2D shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon)
-    experimental play with the 2D shapes
-    grouping a range of 2D shapes
-    using paper shapes to create a picture on a paper plate

Lesson 2:
-    consolidation of 2D shapes (whole class)
-    making shapes with their hands
-    listing shapes around the room (whole class brainstorm)

Lesson 3:
-    shape quiz (“if I have 3 sides and three points, what shape am I?”)
-    finding shapes in magazines (blank paper, 4 columns)

Lesson 4: (Summative Assessment)
Individual Assessment with the Teacher:
-    Manipulate, sort and describe 2D shapes
-    Identify and name circles, squares, triangles and rectangles in pictures

and the environment and presented in different orientations.

Class Activity:
-    use toothpicks and string to makes shapes; add labels
-    find and colour the shapes in the picture

Formative Assessment

-    observation
-    work sample

-    observation
-    questioning

-    observation
-    questioning
-    work sample