6 sorts of Bearings

The types of bearings are wide-ranging and intended to figure with different thrust loads and radial loads Visitor Management System In Singapore. a serious difference relates to the power to simply accept different weight with certain bearings tons more resilient than others. Here are six of the foremost common sorts of bearings


One of the foremost common is that the ball bearings which have the power to simply accept both thrust and radial loads, but they are not the strongest when it concerns weight. they will easily start to deform if exposed to a high amount of weight. Ball bearings are popular in applications like hard drives and similar electronics.


The roller bearings are a favourite choice for those applications that believe the heavy load. this sort of roller design is sort of a cylinder to assist distribute the load over the wide area. this is often a really useful technique for handling the massive amounts of weight.

Ball thrust

The ball thrust bearings are a practical choice when working with low-weight, low-speed applications. an easy item can include a bar stool with the bearing wont to help support the seat.

Roller thrust

The roller thrust bearings are similar in design to the ball thrust type and useful for accepting the thrust loads. the sole difference is that the total load which will be accepted. The roller thrust type can support a really high load and a practical option to use when building car transmissions.

Tapered roller

The tapered roller bearings are built to offer great load versatility and equally effective at handling the massive thrust and radial loads. this is often an extra sort of bearing that's utilized in the car industry and a standard choice for car hubs due to the many amount of load the wheels are expected to endure.


In addition to the quality sorts of bearings, there also are several specialized bearings that are intended to figure on a specific application. Specialized bearings can include the magnetic and giant roller types. The magnetic type may be a popular option for the high-speed applications. an excellent quality is that the lack of moving parts to offer the very best degree of stability when moving at the rapid rates. the enormous type is required when getting to relocate the heavy or large loads, like large structural parts or maybe a building.

Overall, the sort of bearings can have completely different purposes or roles, so it's essential to travel with the proper type to match the precise application.