What's going on in the Room?

Parents: The flu has been hitting our room hard the past few weeks. Please take extra caution when your child says they are not feeling well! 02-01-18 




**SNOW DAYS! This week we had two snow days (2-7 and 2-8). If there are more snow days this school year please hop on this website and let the kids play a few games in the game tab or check out the snow day tab for fun ideas you and your child can do together! 2-11-18




This week we will be having our annual valentines party in the classroom. Please send in your Childs valentines in with them for their classmates. We will be having games and activities going on throughout the day in the classroom as well as the school. If you need a class list for proper spelling please email Mrs. Figley and she will happy to relay that information to you. 2-11-18   


The Awards Assembly was held this Thursday morning! Congratulations to all the students who earned perfect attendance awards, All A's & B's, and all A's! Keep up the great work!!!  * If you would like pictures of your child that were taken please contact Mrs. Russo. 2-18-18


Perfect Attendance: Jimmy, Billy, Mary, Jen, Sam, Ashley, Tyler

All A's: Mary, Ashely 

All A's & B's: Ryan, Seth, Shawn, Claire, Haley, Nicole





This past week we have been working a lot on classroom behavior and how to properly act and respect in the classroom. The students are working their way to earning a popcorn and movie party! This past week in class we finished up some of our unit testings and began working on the "Sight word Olympics"! Miss B started a sight word Olympics in the school and when your child can read the list of 100 Fry sight words correctly they will earn a medal and be moved up to the next list. If you would like a list of the sight words your child is working on please feel free to email Mrs. Figley and we will get you what you need to help your child. 



This week we will celebrate Dr. Suess week in honor of his birthday! School Uniforms are not required this week of school as your child may dress in the days "SPIRIT" clothing. If you have any questions please feel free to email to school.  3-4-18



This week is my YSU lesson week! I will be teaching the students an ELA/Social Studies lesson, Math Lesson, and a science lesson. Click on the "Lesson Week" tab above to check out the fun things your kids are doing. 3-11-18


This week the students get to celebrate their hard work in the classroom and during the previous week of observations with a popcorn and movie day. Popcorn will be provided by Mrs. Figley and myself on Friday afternoon. If you would like to donate anything to this fun afternoon such as drinks please email Mrs. Figley or class the room! Thank you! 3-18-18 




As we prepare for spring break this week we will be doing lots of science experiments with fun Easter goodies and will be working with various materials that they normally never get a chance to work with. If you would like to donate any materials to this we could greatly appreciate it. Email us and find out what you can send in. Also, if you have some spare time and want to come in and help out feel free to email us and set up a time to come help with the fun!       3-25-18


The students do not have school this week from Monday the 2nd until Friday the 6th due to spring break. While you are home with your child and enjoying this time please spend some time reading with your child, playing a game, working on site words, or anything to keep them involved in learning.  4-1-18



This Friday (13th)  will be the Spring music concert at 1:00 in the gym. Please feel free to come to the concert and enjoy the student's hard work. Simply just sign in at the office and come to the gym at 1:00.

**Also, the weather is starting to break so please make sure you are sending your child to school with a jacket to go outside with. 4-8-18


This week we will begin learning about 2-D and 3-D shapes. During this time we ask you to please allow your child to send in an item they want to share with the class. Please talk to them about what type of shape it is. We will also be preparing for the upcoming week of my student teaching lessons. 4-15-18





*Please check out the tab titled UNIT WEEK to view all the pirate fun your child had during the week! 4-22-18








 This week we will be spending a lot of time reviewing for our state testing that will happen the week after this (NWEA Testing). We will be looking back on all the content that we have learned from the start of the year until now. If you have some time and want to join in helping please feel free to email us and set up a day.            4-29-18