Course Overview & Syllabus

2017-2018 Course Overview & Syllabus             


Mississippi Studies            Semester 1      


Teacher: Brittiny Toole     



Mississippi Studies is the history of Mississippi, from her infancy through the 21st century.  Over the course of the semester students will study and discuss a myriad of topics which range from the flora and fauna of the state to slavery and the Civil War, Elvis, gaming and Hurricane Katrina. Students will also study and discuss the unique cultural qualities which distinguish Mississippi from the rest of the nation. At the end of this course, successful students will receive ½ credit.


Objectives: This is a general overview of what the teacher will teach and what the student is expected to master.


Domestic Affairs

1. Understand how geography, history, and politics have influenced the development of Mississippi.


2. Understand the major responsibilities of state and local government and how they are executed.

Global Affairs

3. Understand the role that Mississippi has played in international, political, and economic affairs.


Civil Rights/Human Rights

4. Understand and describe the historical circumstances and conditions that necessitated the development of civil rights and human rights protections and/or activism for various minority groups in Mississippi.



5. Understand the importance of how geography, history, and politics affect the economic life of Mississippi from the past to the present.



6. Understand the trends, ideologies, and artistic expressions in Mississippi over time and place.


Tests/Quizzes: Chapter tests will be given after completion of every unit. Quizzes, if given, will be used to check for independent reading of text book and reviewing of notes. At the end of each term students will be given a common term assessment, which will include content covered during the current and previous terms.


Homework/Assignments/Projects: If assigned, homework is due the following day unless otherwise specified. Students have three days after the original due date to receive partial credit for the assignment. Incomplete classwork will be considered homework. Students will also complete one major project per term, if time permits.

***Graded assignments are to be written in blue/black ink, or pencil.  No work will be accepted in gel pen, glitter pen, red ink, green ink, etc.


Course Supply List: 1 inch binder, wide ruled paper, 1 package of dividers, #2 pencils, blue/black pens, highlighters, composition notebook, and 1 package of copier paper

******These supplies are due Friday August 11, 2017.


Semester 1 Outline:

The textbook for this class is Mississippi: The Magnolia State.


**Week 1

Distribution of handbook, syllabus, classroom/school procedures, expectations, etc.

Overview of MS Studies and Chapters


**Week 1-2

Chapter 1- Mississippi’s Natural Environment: Climate and Water Resources


**Week 2

Chapter 2- Mississippi’s Natural Environment: Landforms and Biota


**Week 3-4

Chapter 3- The Road to Statehood


**Week 5-6

Chapter 4- Politics, Slavery, and Antebellum Society


**Week 7-8

Chapter 5- Seccession and Civil War


**Week 9

Term Review and Term Assessment