Welcome to Ms. Brudek's Class!
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),
 My name is Sarah Brudek, and I am very excited to have your student in my class this year! This is my first year of teaching Business, Marketing, and Computer Education at Green Valley High School. I received my teaching certificate from Benedictine University in June of 2009 after completing my student teaching at Bremen High School in Midlothian, IL. In addition to being certified to teach Business, I am also endorsed in Biology. Prior to earning my certificate, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Eastern Illinois University. I majored in Computer Information Systems with a dual concentration in Telecommunications and Client-Server Systems (yikes!). My interests include reading, crocheting, listening to music, playing video games with my husband, and making jewelry out of chainmaille. I also love animals and have four cats, a dog, a turtle, a chinchilla, and a degu (thankfully, some of these pets live with my in-laws!). 
My Computer Applications class meets every day in the computer lab in Room 204. Classes last for 55 minutes, and you can determine the exact time your student has my class by looking at his or her schedule. This year, I will be teaching your students the ins and outs of Microsoft Office 2007, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. We will cover these programs one at a time and start from the very basics of each program. During second semester, we will finish up our work with MS Office and then move on to creating webpages using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Many of your students have worked with the Microsoft Office products before, but in our Computer Applications course, they will be learning special techniques and tricks that they may not have encountered before in their own personal use or in other basic keyboarding classes. 
Some of the rules that our class will be held to include:
1. No food or drink in the lab.
2. Show respect for yourself, other students, the teacher, and anyone else who enters the classroom.
3. Follow directions and instructions in a prompt manner.
4. Keep your hands to yourself.
5. Come prepared.
The first time a student breaks a rule, he or she will be given a verbal warning. I will never send a student to the Deans' office without warning, except in extreme cases where safety is endangered. The second time a student breaks a rule, he or she will spend their study hall with me. The third time a student breaks a rule, he or she will be given a one hour, after school detention. If a student still refuses to cooperate and follow the rules after this point, they will be sent to the Deans' office. 
Attendance is a VERY important part of your student's success, so regular attendance is expected. My class follows the same policies as the district. If your student is absent more than 10 times from the class in one year, he or she will be dropped from the class. Additionally, if a student receives 7 tardies (in all his/her classes, not just mine), he or she will be given a detention by his or her dean. For further information regarding the school and district policies, you can consult your student's handbook that was given to them on the first day of school OR you can refer to the district's website, http://www.d1000.org  . Passes will distributed according to district policy as well. Students must have their planners on hand, which contain a page for their teachers to write passes on. If a student fills up their entire page, they have exhausted their pass privleges and will no longer be allowed to leave the classroom for any reason (except an emergency, of course). Additionally, it is up to my discretion whether or not to allow your student to leave the room. There are certain times where, if a student were to leave the classroom, he or she would miss a significant amount of material that would be difficult to catch up with. In times like these, I would not allow your student to leave the classroom.
The grading scale for Computer Applications follows District 1000 policy and is as follows:
A   91-100%
B   81-90%
C   71-80%
D   61-70%
F   Below 61%
 The grading scale will not be changed for any reason, as it was established by the District and I do not have the authority to alter it. However, if your student's grade is within 0.5% of the next highest letter grade, I WILL round up. For example, if your student has a 90.5% in my class, he/she would receive an A in the class, not a B. If your student had a 70.5%, he/she would receive a C in the class and not a D.
My policy on homework is that it must be handed in to me by 3 P.M. (the end of the school day) on the day that it is due. This allows students who forgot to bring their work to class to retrieve it (from a locker, for example) and not be penalized. However, this also means that if they did not complete the assignment, it is very unlikely that they would have the time to finish it by the end of the day.  If homework is not turned into me (or in my mailbox) by the end of school on the day it was due, then 10% will be taken off for each day it is late. If your student is having particular trouble with an assignment and feels he or she needs more time, I will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis. Many times, I allow the students time to work on their homework during class. If I feel that he or she was not using this time effectively, then I will not grant any extensions. However, if I feel he or she is making a reasonable request for an extension, I will consider granting it. :) I don't want your students to "go crazy" if they are completely overwhelmed with other school work!
Should you need to contact me, you may e-mail me at sabrudek@d1000.org
Additionally, if calling is more convenient for you, my number at the school is (708)555-1000 ext. 204
The fastest way to reach me is via e-mail, as I have the opportunity to check it many times throughout the day and can also access it from home. Often, I only get one chance during the day to check my phone voice mail, so if you do opt to contact me via telephone, expect it to take me some time to get back to you. Additionally, you can send a note to me with your student. If you choose this route, PLEASE remember to include how you would like for me to contact you! 
I anticipate a fun-filled, productive year with your students, and I look forward to meeting you at Green Valley High's Curriculum Night on September 24th at 6:30pm! At curriculum night, you can find me in Room 204.
Here's to a great Green Valley year!
Ms. Brudek