Mr. deMonte's class

The whole object of education develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works.
Sherwood Anderson (1876–1941) American novelist and short story writer.


Homework: Read chapters 3-5 in Lord of the Flies and write a double entry journal for each chapter

A little about me:  Other than being the best teacher ever, Mr. D likes to play and coach sports as well as read when he has time.  He went to St. John Fisher College and majored in English while playing two sports.  After finding his calling as a teacher he attended Le Moyne College to get his teaching degree.  Teaching is his passion, as he is a second generation teacher and loves to see success in students.  Go to him for any questions you may have in English or in life.


Educational Philosophy: Mr. D likes to pride himself in being able to teach all students, no matter the learning style.  He realizes that every student is different and they all learn in different ways.  He wants his students to succeed and overcome any obstacles they may have.  He wants his students to be passionate and try hard in his classroom; as he will try hard to make them the best person they can be.