Page for Parents


The whole object of education develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works.
Sherwood Anderson (1876–1941) American novelist and short story writer.



Parents:  I am always available to you so we can talk about your child's progress or stuggles.  My e-mail is and my phone number is 315-555-1234.  We need to be working cohesively as an educator and as parents to asure your child is having success.  The homework and other assignments can always be found on here. Here are some supplemental games or activities to do with your child to enhance their vocabulary and reading skills:

  • Play Scrabble-This is a fun way to get your child involved in a word game, and you can play too!
  • Play Word Mole- This is an app that can be found on any smartphone or IPAD.  When going on a trip or away from the computer, have your kids play this fun game!
  • Play Mr. D's game with them- It is a game where I give them the first and the last letter in a word and they have to come up with as many words as possible taht fits that criteria.  They can explain it more to you.
  • READ WITH THEM- Be an example for your child, read a book, magazine, newspaper with them and talk to them about it after.


Please remember, in order for your child to be a success in the classroom, the teacher and the parents need to have an open communication.  It is my job, as an educator to make sure that success flows in the English classroom.  I do, however, need your help to supplement this work at home.  This website is designed for you to know the homework and assignments that are due so you can help your child with the work.  Please take a look at your child's handbook given in the beginning of the year to see any expectations that the school has that is not noted in this website.