Week of May 29-June 1
Tuesday: Turn in sex ed study guide, sex ed unit test, pass back papers, and intro to safety unit

Wednesday: First aid notes, pass out first aid kit project outlines, and work on first aid kit project
Thursday: CPR and choking notes, watch CPR documentary, pass out CPR worksheet
Friday: Turn in CPR worksheet, hands on CPR activity in group and work on first aid kit project

Week of June 4-June 8
Monday: Turn in first aid kit project, safety notes, and pass out safety worksheet
Tuesday: Turn in safety worksheet, finish safety notes, watch safety video, and intro to safety poster
Wednesday: Pass out safety poster outlines, work on safety poster, and pass out home safety checklist for homework
Thursday: Turn in home safety checklist, finish up and turn in safety poster, create a disaster supplies list in group, and compare/contrast each group list with Amercican Red Cross list
Fridau: Turn in late works and bathroom passes, pass out safety study guide, work on study guide in pairs or group, and pass back papers

Week of June 11-June 13
Monday: No class!
Tuesday: No class!
Wednesday: Turn in safety study guide and late works, safety unit test, pass back papers, and pass out grade sheet (5th and 6th period) (last day of school)