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 Welcome to the Bryn Mawr Academy!

Hello, and welcome to the Bryn Mawr Academy's official website!

The Bryn Mawr Academy is a "summer school", designed to keep our students' noodles sharp over the summer AND have tons of fun!

Below is a quick run-through of the website pages and what can be found on each of them...

Teacher Profiles: The BMA staff is made up of three people; Ms. Hays, Ms. Louise, and Ms. Mae. All three of these lovely ladies come from sibling-filled households (in fact, Ms. Louise and Ms. Mae are sisters). They not only know how to take care of younger children, but how to have fun with them too! Also, many thanks to our principal, Mrs. Bagwell, for managing and keeping the whole system running smoothly! To find out more about the staff, go to the Teacher Profiles page!

Homework Pages: We have many interesting subjects to learn about at the BMA, including:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Chinese
  • Science
  • Arts & Crafts

You should start to expect a small assignment in each class. Check out each teacher's Homework Page to recieve homework assignments and a review on class that day!