Mme. Scelo - 802 Social Studies


Immigration and emigration


Canada is a country of immigrants. We will use statistics from various editions of the Canada Year Book to gain an understanding of where immigrants settled in Canada and how immigration affected the overall population of Canada during the period from 1867 to 1967. We will look at 'push' and 'pull' factors to determine why people leave one region or country and why they are attracted to another.



  • To locate relevant information using historical documents.
  • To analyse, classify and interpret information from historical documents.
  • To read a variety of charts and tables for specific purposes.
  • To scan written text for specific information.
  • To make inferences and draw conclusions.
  • To communicate information and understanding using charts, tables and written text.
  • To use vocabulary specific to the topic and theme.
  • To demonstrate understanding of the importance of immigration in the development of Canada.


Boom – a period of wealth or sudden commercial activity.
Depression – a period of economic crisis, when many people lose their jobs and some are unable to care for their families.
Emigrant – a person who has moved from his or her country of origin.
Emigration – the movement of people out of a country.
Immigrant – a person who has moved to a new country.
Immigration – the movement of people into a country.
Migration – the movement of people from one area to another for the purpose of settlement.
Pull factors – the reasons why people move to a certain location, including social, political, economic and environmental reasons.
Push factors – the reasons why people leave a certain location, including social, political, economic and environmental reasons.
Trend – a general tendency or pattern.
War refugees – people who move to another country to escape the danger and troubles of war.


Canada Year Book resources

1937 (PDF)

1967 (PDF)

To complete Worksheet #2, follow the link and watch the slideshow entitled "One hundred years of immigration." (click start and enjoy!)


Keep in mind that,

  • Natural increase = births minus deaths
  • Actual increase = natural increase plus net migration
  • Net migration = natural increase minus actual increase




Assignment 1.

Choose a product that was invented in the 1920's.  Research the product to find out any important information such as:

a. When was it invented

b. By whom was it invented

c. How it changed the lives of the people living in the 1920's

d. How has the product since changed (from 1920-2008)

e. Interesting facts (i.e original price of product, uses etc.)

With a partner, you will present your poster to the class.

Due Date: TBA

Helping sites:

Assignment 2.

Visit the link below and explore the pictures.  Write a one page reflexion paper discussing your opinion on their standard of living and life style.  Also, discuss your reactions to the photos.  In addition to your paper, create a concept web that includes your observations and thoughts regarding the pictures.

Due date: TBA