Mrs. Dietrich's Class 2B






Some final thoughts and reminders for our year:  

*****Summer math and reading packets will be found in your child's end of year envelope.  Students are expected to have them completed by the first day of school.

*****Simple Solutions books will be coming home with your child.  This is a great way to keep your child updated on math practice over the summer.

*****Please be sure to read over the summer!!!!  Books, comics, e-books, menus, magazines, newspapers,....the more the better!!!


Thank you for a wonderful year.  Your support, help and encouragement truly made a difference in the success of our year.  I am so proud of the progress our students have made.  WELL DONE!

Have a relaxing summer.  God Bless...



ACCELERATED READER (AR)  The goal for second grade is 20 passed tests. May 25 was the last day to take AR Tests.  Students have been encouraged to take tests since mid September!


FIRST IN MATH  Students received usernames and passwords for the website.  These are found in your child's PLANNER!!!!!  Please encourage your child to use this website for math activities.  I check daily for your child's participation/play time, and earned stickers. I also award player of the day status.  If your child does not have access to a device to play First in Math, please let me know and I can arrange for time in school.  PLAYERS OF THE DAY:   





Religion:   Pray, attend Mass, give thanks to God for all His blessings!   



 Language Arts (Reading, Grammar, and Spelling)  




Social Studies   








Birthdays and half birthdays may be celebrated with a treat.  Healthy treats are encouraged according to the federal nutrition guidelines.  We ask that you refrain from sending in treats containing peanut products, as there are students in the school with peanut allergies.  Please do not send in cakes or anything that needs to be cut or sliced. Students are permitted to dress up/dress down on their birthday.  In order to alleviate hurt feelings, we ask that if you are sending invitations to please find an alternate means of passing them out if the entire class or all girls/boys are not invited.


***TAKE HOME FOLDERS***You may have noticed that your child's take home folder is marked with a homework and keep at home side.  Items that are on the homework side need to be completed and returned to school.  The assignment is also written in planners.  You may keep the papers on the keep at home side.  

****There are times when we do not complete all the questions or problems in these papers.  Please feel free to use these to help your child review the concepts taught in class, especially math practice pages!****


Let me know what you think of the website and information it contains....I appreciate your feedback.


*****When your child is absent from school, I will have an assignment sheet with the lessons that were missed.  If your child has a sibling in school, I will try to send it home.  If not, the work will be on the table by the office door.  Students are encouraged to work on as much as they can when they feel better.  Please remember that the work should be handed in as soon as possible, but I do not expect everything to be completed by the following day if your child is sick!   There are no late penalties when a student is absent.  However, work does need to be handed in for credit!!!!

Please remember if you have any questions, comments, concerns or even compliments, contact me!  


Phone:  455-1387   Ext:  275

Have a great week.