Our Week


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Monday:  Students worked on identifying opposites for morning work.  We began our Junie B. Jones book study by discussing the author, Barbara Parks.  I handed out a copy of the book to each student.  They will be responsible for their books until the end of the book study.  I read aloud chapter 1 and they followed along in their books.  We completed a comprehension worksheet together.  We also created sequence necklaces where the students divided a paper into 3 sections.  They labeled each section beginning,  middle, and end and then colored a picture showing these parts of the story.  We started discussing Creation in Religion.  The students made Creation wheels to show what God made on each day.  In math, the students made rubbings of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  They also glued a coin poem on the back of this sheet to help them remember the coins.  Second grade came to visit and shared the books they have written and illustrated with our class!          

Tuesday:  Students worked with addition and subtraction word problems for morning work.  They took their Unit 4 spelling test.  Last spelling test for the year!!  They read chapter 2 of Junie B. independently and then I read it aloud to them.  We completed two questions about the chapter.  We created fireflies during art.  We reviewed Creation and made an anchor chart to display in the classroom.  Then the students made and colored their own mini-book about Creation.  They sorted and graphed different coins.  They used the graph to answer a few math related questions about the coins.  We completed a "following directions" activity.  Two students read picture books to the class as we waited for dismissal.       

Wednesday:  The students practiced addition facts this morning before Mass.  They practiced counting coins with pages from their math workbooks.  They buddy read Chapter 3 of Junie B. Jones.  Then they worked with their partner to complete a page about adjectives in the chapter.  We discussed "bus breath" and created a list of adjectives to describe it.  The students then drew a bus with a speech bubble that described what it thought of its "bus breath".                          

 Thursday:  They worked on counting coins during their morning work.  I gave them their Unit 4 Cumulative Reading test.  We began making our Creation mobiles in Religion.  They played "Race to $1.00" in math.  We went to the "Race for Education" and watched Mrs. O get her mohawk!  It was AWESOME! I read more of our Mystery Treehouse book.