Computer Links

Online math book-

Arcademic Skill Building Games- (practice your math and reading skills)-

Abcya- learning games for K-5 reading and math

Cookie- learning game Pre- 2 variety of subjects

Making Change Money Game-

AR Book Finder- find out if your book is an AR book and what level it is

Religion- We Believe textbook website

Science Book link- find vocab reviews, lesson reviews and much more!

First in Math- practice math skills and earn the Player of the Day Award, students username and password are written in their planners.

Teachers Cafe-  a site for all grammar topics

Maggies Earth Adventure-

this website has activities to help reinforce grammar, math, and science topics we have or will cover in the classroom.

Dino Dig

Sheppards Math-

Spelling City-

Math Practice-

Quia Educational Games-

created by Mrs. Olszewski, based on Units studied in our classroom.

A Plus Math-

a website that allows you to create flashcards, practice math concepts plus much more!!!


Earthquake Simulator-