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Week of May 14-18 2018     

8th Grade Science- Chapter 13 "Acids, Bases, and pH"

Monday- Ch. 13, Lesson 1 Notes DUE!!!!  Read pages 471-476 and complete notes.

Tuesday-  Election Bake Sale!!!  YouTube video on Acids, Bases and pH.

Wednesday-  Complete "pH tests and measurements" demonstration lab.

Thursday-  "Cornstarch to Plastic" Lab.

Friday-  "Too Good for Drugs" Lesson 6.


7th Grade Science-  Chapter 11 "Chordates"

Monday-  Chapter 9 & 10 Vocabulary words DUE!!!  Read pages 393-398 and complete notes.

Tuesday-   Prezi on Chapter 9 & 10.

Wednesday-  QR Activity on Plants.

Thursday-  "The Decision is Yours"...To Good for Drugs Lesson 2.

Friday-  NO CLASS.....7th Grade Field Trip!

NOTE:  Here is a fun link for cell review…..

An AWESOME app for how disease spreads….   CDC Solve Outbreak


6th Grade Science- RESEARCH ROUGH DRAFT DUE!!!  

Monday-  Written rough draft due!  Read pages 646-654 on "Sound Waves".

Tuesday- Complete "Sound Lab" using tuning forks.

Wednesday- Investigate light using prisms and hand lenses.

Thursday- Complete Lesson 2 from "Too Good for Drugs".

Friday-  Complete Lesson 3 from "Too Good for Drugs".