About Me

My name is Brianne Langone and this is my first year teaching here at Shawsheen Elementary School. My husband and his 5 siblings all went to Shawsheen Elementary, so I am extra excited to be here! I recently moved from San Diego, California where I taught Transitional Kindergarten for 2 years and Kindergarten for 5. I am so passionate about teaching and guiding young minds to reach their full potential! I love when my students have the same passion for learning as I do! I do my best to create a positive and engaging classroom enviroment where students are excited to come to school and learn each day!

I have been loving every minute of life in New England! Seeing how the trees change each season is so fascinating to me...I hope it never gets old! Southern California does NOT get four seasons...we just have summer...and a rainy day every once in a while. I recently got married in August of 2020 and I could not be happier! I love my family. I love my friends. I love baking, hiking, running, exploring, painting and doing anything crafty.