FLCC Bio Organelle Project

Overall Assignment: You will independently be learning Chapter 4 through this Organelle Project. The material you are required to learn will be included in a limited way on a quiz next week on October 27th and on your midterm

Assignment Details: Develop a creative way of presenting the information about the anatomy and functions of organelles to teach other students about organelles. The sky is the limit with your creativity. A number of suggestions are listed below and your ONLY restrictions are it must be online and it CANNOT be a PowerPoint presentation. All of your resources are in this format.
Some possible choices include: Prezi, iMovie, Lego Movie Maker, Adobe Voice, Animoto, Upload a video to Vimeo or Youtube. Be unique and create a community of cell organelles on Facebook (or the school friendly version - Schoology)

Resources: Don't forget your first resource - your textbook! I have uploaded and shared these resources with you via Google Docs. The PowerPoints are in two formats to make them more accessible - PDF and PPT.

Organelle Worksheet

Introductory PowerPoint - do NOT stop here - this is just basic information that will get you started

Organelle Tour 1

Organelle Tour 2

Organelle Tour 3

DEADLINES: All research must be completed by Wednesday, October 26th. Information from Ch. 4 included in quiz on October 27th.  November 2nd final project must be completed and shared with me! November 9th - Midterm - more in-depth understanding of the material will be assessed from Ch.4