Mrs. Tarbush's Science and Social Studies Classes

10-14 One Hour Early Release 
10-14 Parent Teacher Conferences & Book Fair
14 Report Cards Go Home
24-28 Red Ribbon Week
27 Halloween Dance

My Schedule


8:10-9:50- Planning

9:50-10:45- 6th Gr. Science with Mrs. Leachman 

10:50-12:10- 6th Gr. Social Studies with Ms. Phillips

12:10-12:57- Planning

12:57-1:51- 7th Gr. Social Studies with Mr. Freshour

1:56-2:50- 7th Gr. Science with Mrs. Proctor

2:55-3:35- NBI

       For more information about.....

                                                              - 6th grade Science please visit April Leachman's Webpage 

                                                              - 6th grade Social Studies visit Claudia Phillips' Webpage

                                                              - 7th grade Science visit Melanie Proctor's Webpage

                                                              - 7th grade Social Studies visit Robert Freshour's Webpage

Tutoring is available on Monday's 3:45-4:15.  Please give advanced noticed to Mrs. Tarbush if possible. Students must be picked up by 4:15 at the front office.