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Packets given out first day of each week; due the last day of the week

Wonders: Unit 2 "Taking the Next Step"

Week 4: "A Plan of Action" Due Date: 10/18

Students will learn how to form contractions and possessive nouns. Students will begin learning how to construct informational/expository compositions by focusing on the sequence and time-order words.

Spelling (contractions):

  • you’ve, she’d, that’s, what’s, doesn’t, there’s, you’re, wasn’t, we’ll, we’ve, we’re, couldn’t, I’ve, didn’t, they’re, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, he’d, don’t, isn’t 
  • Review Words: diaries
  • Challenge Words: won't, aren't 

Wonders Tier 2 Intervention, Step up to Writing

  1. TPhonics/Word Study: Contractions,” PH52; “Possessives,” PH53
  2. Writing/Grammar:  “Possessive Nouns” WG 6; Possessives and Plurals” WG 7, Contractions,”
  3. Writing/Grammar: WG29, "Strong Organization: Sequence,” WG56, Transitions: time-Order Words" WG5
  4. Step Up to Writing, “Informative/Explanatory: "The Life Cycle of Bees” E2-1b

Week 5, “Making It Happen” Due Date: 10/24

Students will learn how to identify, segment, and spell closed syllable words. Students will begin learning how to use prepositional phrases to begin a narrative, add details to paragraphs, and vary sentences.

Spelling List: Closed Syllables

  • dentist, jogger, fifteen, flatter, submit, mustang, absent, hollow, empire, blizzard, sulture, goggles, summon, excite, kennel, valley, fragment, gallop, vulture, pigment 
  • Review Words: won’t, shouldn’t, we’re
  • Challenge Words: clammy, hammock

Wonders Practice, Wonders Tier 2 Intervention, Writing/Grammar (WG) & Phonics/Word Study (PH) Weekly Writing Lessons, Day 5 

  1. “Closed Syllables,” PH58; Wonders Practice “Spelling: Closed Syllables,” p. 59
  2. “Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases” WG 40, 
  3. “Sentences Using Prepositional Phrases,” WG41
  4. “Outstanding Openers: Begin a Story with a Prepositional Phrase”
  5. Wonders Practice: “Grammar: Proofread,” p. 49

Wonders: Unit 3: “Getting from Here to There 

Week 1, “Cultural Exchange” Due Date 10/31

Students will learn how to identify, segment, and spell open syllable words. Students will begin learning how to use action verbs to add variety to paragraphs, and vary sentences. Students will continue learning to construct “how-to” paragraphs.

Spelling List: Open Syllables

  • minus, loser, humor, closet, recent, student, equal, profile, local, comet, vacant, punish, cavern, shiver, decent, linen, legal, panic, smoky, tyrant
  • Review Words: valley, fifteen, culture
  • Challenge Words: fatigue, fugitive

Wonders Tier 2 Intervention: Writing/Grammar (WG) & Phonics/Word Study (PH); Step Up to Writing; Daily Paragraph Editing 

  1. “Open Syllables,” PH59; “Action Verbs” WG 18 
  2. “Informative Explanatory Writing: Stating the Facts”
  3. “Accordian Paragraph,” Tool E4-4b
  4. “Writing with a Paragraph Frame,” Tool E4-5a
  5. “How to Build a Sand Castle,” Week 10, pp. 49, 51

Week 2, “Being Resourceful” Due Date 11/08

Spelling List: Open Syllables, v/v

video, poet, riot, piano, diary, radio, ideas, ruin, diet, patriot, fluid, rodeo, cruel, genuine, casual, trial, fuel, meteor, diameter, meander
Review Words: recent, closet, minus
Challenge Words: situation, variety

Wonders Tier 2 Intervention (#s 1 - 3) 
Phonics/Word Study (PH); & Writing/Grammar (WG)  Daily Paragraph Editing (#4)

  1. “Open Syllables, v/v” PH60; “Final e (VCe) Syllables,” PH61
  2. “Verb Tenses Overview ” WG19; “Present Tense Verbs,” WG20
  3. “Past Tense Verbs,” WG21; “Future Tense Verbs,” WG22
  4. “A Magical Journey,” Week 11, pp. 53, 55

Week 3, “Patterns” Due Date 11/15

Students will continue to learn how to identify, segment, and spell multi-syllable words. Students will continue learning verb tenses and subject-verb agreement. Students will continue learning how to analyze an informational/expository text, respond to the text in complete sentences, and write a comparison composition based on the informational text.

Spelling List: “Vowel Team Syllables”

  • footprint, fairground, although, laughter, appoint, coastal, bleachers, gownup, encounter, grouchy, flawless, lawyer, entertain, applause, faucet, caution, boundary, doubting, southern, roughness
    • Review Words: poet, radio, fuel
    • Challenge Words: nowadays, distraught

Wonders Tier 2 Intervention Phonics/Word Study (PH); & Writing/Grammar (WG) 

  1. “Vowel Team Syllables” PH62; “VCCV and VCCCV Patterns,” PH66
  2. “V/CV and VC/V Patterns” PH 67; “Main and Helping Verbs,” WG26
  3. “Perfect Tenses,” WG27; “Irregular Verbs,” WG28
  4. “Similarities and Differences,” WG65

World Hisory

No Homework for the week of Octover 7 - 11: End of Quarter

  • Packets given out the last day of the week 
  • Assignments run Monday through Friday, 2 questions per day 
  • Due the first day of class the following week

Daily Geography 

Week 7: (10/21) "Mercator Projection Map: The World"

Week 8: (10/28) "A Polar Projection Map: The Arctic"

Week 10: (11/04) "Picturing the World"

Week 13: (11/12) "A Physical Map: North America"



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