Application of Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce to Boost Sales in 2022

Every one of us must surely hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the past couple of years. It has already started to enter into all aspects of our lives. The most interesting area that it is bumped into is E-commerce. AI is changing day-to-day E-commerce operations, such as how we can shop online. 

Many Big IT companies have already started developing, improving, and implementing AI as a new form of business to generate higher revenue. We all are aware of this fact; many online businesses have grown at a whirlwind speed in the last decade. If companies don't cope with the latest trend, they might face losses. 

In this article, you will learn about AI's powerful applications in E-commerce businesses to boost sales!

How Can AI Capture the E-Commerce Segment?  

AI is utilized in the E-commerce field, which currently affects various businesses such as advertising, medical, marketing, finance, and others. We will notice the huge development of AI in the e-commerce sector in a couple of years. But this innovation will lead to making essential business choices, making pre-emptive arrangements, and bringing important business insights. 

Many Custom Software Development Company understand the powerful ways AI dominates the e-commerce sector. Therefore, we have curated a list of some crucial and strong ways AI influences the e-commerce segment!

  • Increase in Voice Search Capabilities

Nowadays, people are relying on voice assistants like Alexa or Siri. This voice assistant knows the daily schedule of people and also assists them when they are searching to buy online. According to the research, 75% of users will own a voice assistant in the US, generating revenue of $35.5 billion in 2025. Therefore, the huge impact of AI features on how we shop online has been considered. 

  • Chatbots in Customer Care

Many top brands have adopted and implemented chatbots to interact and communicate with customers that benefit their business. For example, it makes it easy for customers to ask anything related to products via chatbot and get prompt answers. This will surely affect the customer's decision whether they should make a purchase or not. 

  • Automated Recommendations

Automated recommendations are the best way for online shopping websites to become smarter. With the help of this, they will recommend the products to the shoppers based on their last purchase or the purchase they are going to make now.


  • Image Recognition

Image recognition features enhance your online shopping experience. This feature allows users to select an item from any online photos. It will also use image recognition software to identify the items. 

  • Personalized Searches

Businesses use AI-powered search engines to combine generalized searches for a product with machine learning to make internal website searches more personalized. 

  • Better Mobile Shopping Experience

According to the statistics, it is estimated that 73% of E-commerce purchases happen via mobile phones by the end of 2021. This has happened with advanced technology to make a smoother user experience so they can easily shop online through mobile phones. 

  • Virtual Personal Shoppers

AI is constantly working on various e-commerce brands to build smart shoppers. Instead of filtering your choice, customers can talk with the virtual personal assistant to get the product they want. This smart shopper will help users with their buying decisions. 

  • Faster Delivery Methods

We all wish to be delivered as soon as possible when we buy an online product from an e-commerce platform. Many e-commerce brands are working to offer same-day delivery to the user for a better experience. AI-enabled robots ensure that the shipment will be quickly delivered to your doorstep. It can be possible with AI and data-enabled innovation. 

  • Social E-commerce

According to the research, Instagram has become the most commonplace to highlight your products in front of your audiences, such as clothes, fashion accessories, gadgets, and many more. However, Instagram indeed has 1 billion active accounts selling products via social media handles. 

What Future Secures?

Now, e-commerce is moving forward to invest in AI for future growth. AI makes the e-commerce online shopping experience more convenient and seamless for users. So It'sIt's become exciting for businesses to try out new technologies for improvement. 

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