CLASS POLICY 2010-2011



  • Students are expected to be in class, in their seats, on time.  For every three tardies, excused or unexcused, conduct grade is lowered.  Continued tardies to class may result in a call to parents and/or administrative conference.
  • Students are required to bring all supplies (see below) to class every day.  Students are marked unprepared otherwise and deductions to academic, effort, and/or conduct grades will be made.
  • Pencil will be used in class and on all assignments.  PEN IS NEVER ACCEPTED IN THIS CLASS.
  • Homework is to be completed every day it is assigned.  It will be checked periodically WITHOUT notice.

·       Students with excused absences (absences for which the instructor has received, from the student, an official admit from the office) are permitted to make up the work missed.  Assignments, notes, class work, etc. may be obtained from classmates, the bulletin board in class, and/or the instructor.  Missed work must be turned in within 2 class periods of the return date.  Tests may be made up for excused absences only.  Before the end of each grading period, students will be notified of two days in which they can make up missed tests.  It is the responsibility of the student to make an appointment to confirm the time the test(s) will be taken.  Students failing to make up tests will receive failing grades for work missed.  Students with unexcused absences (absences for which the instructor has NOT received an official admit from the student) will receive failing grades for any work missed.  Students will also receive one lower letter grade in conduct for each unexcused absence.  It is each student’s responsibility to save all official admits and monitor all attendance and academic progress on the electronic gradebook of M-DCPS.  No student may be in school and miss class without the permission  of the instructor.

  • Students who attend field trips must submit homework requirements BEFORE leaving for the field trip.  Late work is not accepted.           
  • Notebooks should be kept throughout the school year.  (see Notebook Guidelines for recommendations)
  • No writing on desks or any school property.  Damage to textbooks is the responsibility of the student.  Students damaging school property may be subject to fine.
  • Headphones, MP3 players, ipods, mobile phones, etc. do not belong in a mathematics classroom.  BECAUSE OF THE FREQUENCY OF INTERRUPTION, THE CLASS POLICY IS ONE WARNING.  IF THERE IS A SECOND INFRACTION, AN AUTOMATIC “F” IN CONDUCT WILL RESULT.  FURTHER INFRACTIONS WILL BE REFERRED TO THE ADMINISTRATION.  Please turn off all electronics before entering the classroom.
  • Disruptive behavior or poor attitude will not be tolerated.  Such behavior will result in a conference with parents and/or administration.



  • Textbook (see above)
  • Graphing calculator (TI-89)  Be sure to check with instructor before purchasing a new calculator.
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Notebook (a spiral-bound, graph paper notebook is strongly suggested)
  • Ruler (inches and centimeters)



            All students in this class should have the following important documents regarding classroom/school procedures:              Course Outline and Class Policy.  If you have any questions regarding these documents, notify the instructor immediately.



            I believe that students’ learning is my ultimate goal.  If you’re not learning, please let me know and we’ll discuss what we can do together to remedy the situation.  I expect all students to act responsibly and respectful of others.  This class will be conducted in a professional manner with few interruptions.  I am looking forward to a fun and productive school year.