The 6 benefits of an SMS Marketing campaign:

  1. You can send an SMS campaign at a relatively inexpensive price(in India, for example, the cost per SMS is about 0.25 paisa per SMS). It is one of the most profitable sales channels and also allows you to sell: doctors mobile number communicate offers to your potential customers, updates shipping statuses and keep your present customers informed.


  1. You can choose the sender and thus customize the audience.If you do email marketing with the same sender, you can put the same sender so that the recipient recognizes the name and knows directly who you are.


  1. It is a direct channel and still little used by companies when communicating with customers.Most likely, your competition is not doing SMS Marketing yet. Seize the moment and be the first to sell thanks to SMS marketing.



  1. It has an opening ratio that is around 98%: itis less and less common to receive an SMS and that ensures an almost safe opening instantly and the full attention of the recipient. The safest thing is that the receiver will read your SMS just out of curiosity, to see who has sent it.


  1. You can analyze the opening data and the success of your campaign to see the effectiveness of your campaigns just like with email marketing:delivered, pending, and not delivered. If it is not a channel that convinces your potential and current clients vehicle owner contact number, you will quickly realize it. You can find out which offers, tone and keywords convince the most.


  1. It has a multitude of uses and purposes:promotions, purchase confirmation, order confirmation, the announcement of a new collection, remembering a default ... Any type of communication that fits in a 160-character message.