Word of the Week

word of the week

     Based on information from my students, many of them were interested in learning new vocabulary words.  Though we will incorporate new vocabulary through reading and using a vocabulary building workbook, we will also have a new word every week.  Students will copy this word into their notebooks and will receive extra points when the word(s) is used within their class writing.  Below will be the ongoing list of the Words of the Week.  Happy learning! Smile

Extemporaneous: composed, performed, spoken, or done on the spur of the moment; impromptu

     Synonym: spontaneous  Antonym: memorized

Polychromatic: showing a variety or change of colors; multicolored

Vivacious: lively or sprightly

    Synonym: animated, bubbly    Antonym: dull

Ultimatum: a final proposal, condition, or demand,especially one whose rejection will result in forceful action

    Synonym: threat, condition    Antonym: agree, answer

Cacophony: harsh or unpleasant sound

    Synonym: discord    Antonym: melodious

Cryptic: 1. mysterious; puzzlingly short 2. acting to hide or conceal

Dismal: 1. causing gloom or depression; dreary 2. feeling gloomy; depressed; miserable

     Synonym: melancholy     Antonym: cheerful

Aplomb: self-confidence, especially in a difficult situation

     Synonym: poise      Antonym: confusion