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This page will include test dates and what topics will be covered. You can also find quiz, project, writing assignment and state test dates and times.  There will be no content on this page, only information about what and when the test will be given. These dates are subject to change, so please check back to find any scheduled changes. Please remember that all tests and exams must be signed by a parent or gaurdian and returned.



                                         Friday March 2- Chapter 6 S.S. Exam

                                         Wednesday March 7 - Chapter 6 Math exam


        ELA EXAM : Tuesday April 17th, parts 1 & 2 and Wednesday April 18th, parts 3 & 4 (make up dates April 19th & 20th)

              MATH EXAM : Monday April 23th part 1 & 2 and Tuesday April 24th, part 3 (make up dates April 25th & 26th)


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