Butikofer's Science Information


Physical Science B is a beginning Physics course for 9th grade students.

      This class will cover the following topics.


1.      The scientific method, skills of a scientist, model, scientific literacy, science careers, measurement and graphs and basic mathematics in science.


2.      Motion: speed and acceleration and mathematical formulas related to motion.


3.      Forces: friction, gravity, Newton’s three laws of motion and all mathematical formulas related to forces.


4.      Forces in fluids: Pressure, buoyancy, Pascal’s principle, Bernoulli’s principle and all related mathematical formulas. The students will be required to make a hydraulic project which is related to Pascal’s principle.


5.      Work and Machines: Simple machines and what work is. All mathematical formulas that relate to work.


6.      Energy: Forms of energy, and the mathematical formulas to calculate energy.


7.      If we have time in the trimester we will learn of magnetism and its uses.


       8.   There will be some classroom labs related to various topics discussed.