Classroom Expectations

 This explains certain expectations, procedures and philosophies about my class.

This is on my webpage so that parents can review it from time to time.

Parents will receive one of these forms from their son or daughter to sign and return to me.

1.      All worksheets/assignments are due two school days after they are given. Late work will be accepted at 50% of the total score, if all the questions are answered. Special projects will be given other due dates but will be accepted late at 50 % off of the total score. In real life certain things must be done on time without exception.


2.      Not all worksheets/assignments will be graded. Students will not know which ones will be graded and will have to complete all of them. Worksheets that are not graded will be extra credit as long as all questions are answered. All questions answered, teaches you to take care of every detail.


3.      Lessons on science topics will be projected on a screen and explained to the students. Students who take notes and turn them in at the end of each month will receive extra credit. Notes will be collected three times. Notes will help you to refresh your memory later on.


4.    Quizzes will be given after every lesson the next day. There will be some  exceptions. Quiz questions will come from the   notes of the previous day. Students who are tardy the day of a quiz, will not be able to take the quiz. They will not receive any points. Being late shows disrespect to those who expect you to be somewhere at a given time. Being on time is a life skill. Being late, could cause you to loose your job.


5.       Even though notes will be given, each student should always read the pages discussed for that lesson out of
  the textbook.


6.       Tests - If a student misses two or more days within a chapter, they do not have to take the test on the 
  scheduled day, otherwise they must take it that day.


 7.     Anyone caught cheating or helping anyone cheat will get an F on the test, assignment or paper they are
         working on. Honesty  is the best 

  8.    All work missed because of an absence has to be made up two weeks before the trimester ends. This does
         not include labs. Labs
are due one week after the student returns to school.


  9.   When looking at grades on the internet, a 0 in place of a score means that the assignment can be made up for
        full credit. 
       A highlited 0 means that the assignment can be made up for one half of the points if all the questions are

       A highlited score means that the assignment has been made up for one half of the points.

       A highlited 0 on a lab means that it is to late to make up the lab. 

       A highlited 0 on a quiz means that all the questions were missed or the student was tardy.

       Click on a highlited 0 or score to see a short explanation.  

10.  When students receive an assignment, they need to go right to work on it. My philosophy is to,"Work first and Play
       Later" Generally when a student plays first they will also play later and the assignment will not get done.
 I have read and understand the above ten items_________________________.