Monday:     Study your spelling and vocabulary words all week. Write your
            spelling words 3 times each, read Splash pg 69 - 91.

Tuesday:    Read Ben the Gem, complete math paper/s.
             ********Practice Spelling Test Tomorrow********

Wednesday:  Read your Book in a Bag, study misspelled spelling words.
             ******Vocabulary Test Tomorrow*******

Thursday:   Ready your Book in a Bag, complete LA practice pgs. 63 & 64.
             ******Spelling Test Tomorrow******

Spelling Words:

1.hen 2.pet 3.red 4.shed 5.then 6.wet

Bonus Words:

1.Ben 2. yes 3.them

Vocabulary Words:

1.away 2.good 3.into 4.put

Dictation Sentence:

Be able to write the following dictation senctence:

The pet hen was wet in the red shed.

Essential Questions:

What sound does the short "e" make and what are some words with the short "e" sound?

What is an irregular plural noun? Can you name some irregular plural nouns?

What makes shapes different from each other?

Where can I find shapes in the world?