We would like to send out Thank you's to Shavaria Hightower Grandma and Victoria Rathel's mom and sister who came to read to the class on Friday. We would also like to thank Victoria for allowing us to celebrate her birthday with her on Friday by sharing her birthday cake, YUM!!



  B.B. Bear: B.B. Bear will be going home with the "Star Student" for a week. Please have your child write about their adventures with B.B. while he is a guest in your home for the week. B.B. goes home on Friday and is brought back the following Friday, where journal writing is shared with the class and your child enjoys a small bottle of gatorade after lunch.




Sunny D.: We are collecting UPC labels from qualifying Sunny D bottles. With every 20 labels we collect we receive 20 books for our classroom. Valid labels are: 128 oz, 96 oz, 64 oz, 48 oz, 20 oz and 16 oz bottles 6 pack outer wraps: 11.3 oz and 6.75 oz 24 pack outer wraps: 11.3 oz and 6.75 8 pactk outer wraps: 6.75 oz Cardboard cases: 12 packs 6.75 oz bottles, 12 or 24 oz cans 1, 2, 3, liter bottles Invalid labels are 11.3 oz and 6.75oz bottles 8 oz and 12 oz cans If you drink any of these at home our class would appreciate it if you would send in the labels with your child.