Course Description - Principles of Investing

Patchogue-Medford HS

Principles of Investing

Course Outline


Instructor: Mr. Butzke

Room 227

First Period 

Principles of Investing is a one semester (September– January) course earning ½ credit.  This course will explore two courses of investing; financial and career. 

Included in the financial portion of the course will be attaining knowledge to be able to begin to invest money to have a secure monetary future.  We will cover budgeting, stock purchase and sales, mutual funds, some real estate and collectable issues, roles of brokers, financial advisors, and the federal government’s role in the financial markets. 

A large portion of the first half of the class will involve participating in the online Stock Market Game.  Here you will be able to buy and sell shares (stock) in companies traded on the NYSE with $200,000 in game money.  

The second half of the course will involve playing the Management Game.  Here you will learn how to interview and hire workers, negotiate pay scales, order materials, design warehouse layouts and delivery routes, deal with strikes, disasters, and interpret financial information.  The computer simulation will provide a training ground for decision making. 

Since much of the course is computer based attendance is paramount to your success that you be here.  Current event issues, research, reports, and discussions will occur daily so your participation will only enhance your learning experience. 

Grade breakdown:           Tests/Projects      80%  Classwork      20%                                     

SMG & Mgmt game will receive a grade

Final TBD 

Notes and handouts will be given so notebooks, pens, and calculators are required.