Course Description - Sports Marketing

Patchogue-Medford High School

Sports Marketing

Course Guidelines


Instructor: Mr. Butzke                                                                        Room: 227


Materials: Book; Sports and Entertainment Marketing, South-Western

                   Other: PC’s, PowerPoint, Internet, Print Media, Videos, Folders, CDR’s

                              Yahoo Sports (Fantasy football and baseball)


SPORTS MARKETING – Finding a fan’s (consumer) interest and planning a product or service that will interest the fan enough to purchase it or participate in it.


During this course we will learn basic marketing concepts and principles and how to apply them to the Sports Industry.  Using these concepts you will create a product, team, etc., and apply the marketing principles to various projects; logos, stadium, product, events, and other things.  You will use the skills that you have accumulated throughout your high school career such as English, Math, computer skills, research, public speaking, and of course you creativity skills as well.


ATTENDANCE:  Most of the work is done in class and in a group format so you MUST be present to participate and receive credit.  Enough class time will always be given to work on assignments.  If you miss class time you are responsible for making up the work.  If you know you are going to miss class you must let the instructor know and make arrangements to make up the work.


GRADES:  This is based on chapter tests, projects, (75%), participation, group work, attendance, and attitude (25%).  You MUST be present for your group’s presentation, failure to be there or not letting the instructor know about and absence will result in your individual grade losing 25 points for that project.  You must be present for the other groups presentations as well, absence here will be worth a 10 point reduction.  Limited homework could be assigned.  There will be a Final in the form of a group project if earned.


EXTRA’S:  You can earn extra credit by helping setup the projects, provide additional information, help with the draft and fantasy leagues, and attend HS functions.  We will also be going on a field trip to MSG.  (Yes we are going this year).



Introduction                   What is Sports and Entertainment MKT            Professional Sports

College Athletics            MKT products & services through sports            Public Images

Drugs & Steroids            Sports Marketing            Marketing Plans            Recreational Marketing



Logo                        Fantasy Football/Baseball            Survey’s                        Stadium            NCAA

Palmer Bike     Create a Product          Charity Event         Theame Park        Others