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Marketing Plan

Mission Statement & Goals

What is the business about and what does it value?

What do we intend to accomplish with this event?

Product Planning

What event, product, or service will be marketed?


What is the best price for the product?  How much will it cost to provide?  How much will the fans pay?  How much will they purchase at that price (food & merchandise)?  Would a lower price bring in more fans?

Promotional Strategies

How will you use advertising, publicity, and sales promotion to position the event in the minds of the fans?

What media will you use?

Does the strategy focus on the goals set by your company?

How will you get the message to your potential customers?

Are the ways in which the company delivers the message as important as the message?

Financing, Purchasing, & Risk Management

What are the costs involved with the project?  What is the estimated net income from it?

Do we have to pay talent to come and how much?

What legal liability does the client have that could affect the event?

Selling & People

How will the direct sale of tickets and related merchandise be handled?

Internal Communication Systems  & Timelines for Implementing the Event 

How will people involved with the event communicate with eachother before, during, and after the event?  (meetings, calls, etc.)

What is the scheduled date for the event and what are the dates and sequence of events for the activities leading up to it?