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 In the food packaging regulations "Sanitary Standards for the Use of Additives in Food Containers and Packaging Materials" (ie GB9685-2008), the 959 additives allowed to be used are listed and their use, maximum residue and specific migration Sprayer Bottles amount are made. There are clear rules. If we can refer to similar standards and establish a limited edition of the materials used in cosmetic packaging materials, we can greatly reduce the chemical pollution of cosmetics from the source, and reduce the harm to human health to a greater extent.
        5.is the heavy metal content in the package When the human body excessive intake of heavy metal elements, it will cause great damage to health. For example, excessive lead can interfere with the synthesis of heme, affecting intellectual development and the reproductive system; long-term exposure to excessive chromium in the skin is likely to cause contact dermatitis and eczema; mercury can affect the central Dropper Bottles nervous system. In China's current food packaging material standards, GB19778-2005 defines the amount of lead, cadmium, arsenic and antimony dissolved in food glass (for example, containers smaller than 600mL, the lead, cadmium, arsenic and antimony dissolved in 1.5 respectively. Mg/L, 0.5mg/L,