AP United States History

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) offers a course and exam in AP United States

History to qualifi ed students who wish to complete studies in secondary school

equivalent to an introductory college course in U.S. history. The AP U.S. History Exam

presumes at least one year of college-level preparation, as is described in this book.

The inclusion of material in the Course Description and exam is not intended as an

endorsement by the College Board or ETS of the content, ideas, or values expressed

in the material. The material contained herein has been selected and periodically

revised by high school and university instructors of history who serve as members of

the AP U.S. History Development Committee. It refl ects the content of an introductory

college course in U.S. history and is based on survey data from more than 100 colleges

and universities. The exam tests skills and knowledge gained from an introductory

survey in U.S. history.