About Me

Full Name:  John Blair Waggett

Spouse/Esposa: Christina "Chrissy" Waggett   (married June 20, 2009)

College: UNC Chapel Hill and Campbell University/ Graduate degree from Liberty University in the process!

Dogs/Perritos:  "Mia" (perrito loco) & "Sail" (perrito bueno)

Hobbies/Cosas Favoritas: hunting, fishing, yardwork, painting (like in houses, not pictures, ask the kids about my drawing skills), and singing loudly in the car and shower

Favorite Movie/pelicula: Tombstone ( I really want a mustache like Curt Russell)

Favorite TV Show: "WipeOut" Thursday 8pm -I DVR this and watch it over and over when I have a tough day.  What a great show!

Favorite Book/Libro: The Bible

Favorite Song Right Now/Cancion:  "I hear Voices"   -reminds me of my family

Best student line:  "Un Perrito! Un perrito!"  -Sergio

Favorite Quotes:  "TLBWY"  -my mom

                             "Boys will be boys"  -Grandaddy

                             "If I had a head like that, it would hurt too!" -Grandaddy

                             "When everyone is looking you do your best, but when nobody is, that defines you."  -Trent Mongero (best coach ever played for).

                             "Sometimes you gotta do what you should do, and not what you want to"  -my dad