Are we there yet?

Have you ever given any thought about how you get from "here" to "there?" I'm not talking about how you could call a cab, or a parent. I'm talking about how do you know which way you'd need to travel to reach your intended destination, like a friend's house or a movie theatre. Nowadays, this is a pretty sweet (and easy) deal with all the technology available that employs GPS, or Global Positioning Satellites. These satellites literally graph the entire world into segments that can be broken down into numeric addresses using invisible directional lines called latitude and longitude.  But what did people do before all this technology?  They usually looked to the stars - the ultimate road map!  By knowing where certain stars were to be found in the night sky, a ship could find it's way to a new land or a wagon train could find it's way across an unknown country.


For the next two weeks, we are going to become SchoolWorld Travelers and learn about the hows and whys behind people using the sky to guide their way home...or to a friend's house...or a movie theatre, whichever.