Which way do I go?

Using the internet, perform online searches to find the names of each method of star navigation.  (Here's a hint: There are two basic methods.)  Be sure to look for the differences and similarities in these methods and who were the first people to use each and why.  Are there advantages or disadvantages with using them?  Also, find out what equipment (if any) was developed and used to aid these adventurers.  At the conclusion of this project, you will:

  1. Know basic ideas behind different navigational techniques and the tools used.
  2. Create a simplified timeline of the development of the systems.  (Don't be afraid to get creative on the presentation and match the look of the timeline to a specific time-period.)
  3. Draw a basic star chart of the night sky outside your house or bedroom window including at least five constellations, planetary bodies, or other celestial features.  Try to determine the points of the compass (North, East, South, and West) on your chart.  Remember to label the celestial features!