How does my grade get from "here" to "there?"

You will be graded in the three following areas:

Area Questions to ask yourself

Possible Points


♦ Did you follow all the directions given?  (5 pts)

♦ Did you complete all tasks and on time?  (10 pts)

♦ Did you actively participate in the class discussion and share some of the facts you uncovered?  (20 pts)


♦ Did you make sure all spelling is correct?  (5 pts)

♦ Is the timeline organized and easy to understand?  (10 pts)

♦ Is the timeline creative, colorful, or visually interesting?  (5 pts)

♦ Are the dates and information correct based on your research?  (15 pts)

Star Charts

Each chart is worth a total of 5 pts:

♦ Are there at least five celestial features on each chart?  (3 pts)

♦ Are all features labeled and is the handwriting neat?  Remember to date your charts.  (2 pts)

  Total Possible Points 100