Math Rockstars

Multiplication MonSTARS

  • The students are so excited to be learning multiplication and are really enjoying it so far.  Not only are they learning and memorizing their facts, they are creating some amazingly brilliant strategies to solve word problems. 
  • As far as assessment goes, I will assess the students over multiplication and division word problems, as well as fact families on Dec. 18.  This assessment will be included in the second nine weeks grades.  During the test my expectations include: a missing number equation, solving the problem by showing work and strategies, as well as labeling the answer.  I try to explain to my students that their thinking is much more important than simply grading the correct answer! 
  • Next week the students will be on their X4 facts. We will test on this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The grade for this assessment will begin 3rd quarter grades. 
  • It is very important to make sure you study with your child and help memorize the facts, however, it is even more important for you to allow them to teach you thier strategy of solving a problem.  When they do this, they are letting you see inside thier magnificent brain.