Seedling #1: Our Week in a CRUNCH

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Week of August 28th
Reading and Language Arts:

Story: Pam and Sam
Reading Skill: Plot Development:  Character and Setting

Oral Vocabulary Words
1.  unique              2.  interest
3.  cheerul             4.  genuine
5.  prefer
Spelling Words
 Short /a/ a
1.  bat           2.  cat             3.  hat
4.  mat           5.  ran             6.  can
7.  van           8.  man         9.  jump*
10.  not*        11.  up*        12.  down*
Bold Words:  Review Words
   *High Frequency Words
Sentences:  Word Order
Example:  The bird is singing.
Opinion Writing




Addition Strategies


Science/Social Studies

How Scientists Work
Civics and Government