Welcome to Mr. Walker Kennerly's Science Class!






  • First Period: 7:53-8:45
  • Second Period: 8:48-9:40
  • Break: 9:40-9:55
  • Third Period: 9:58-10:50
  • Fourth Period: 10:53-11:45
  • Fifth Period: 11:48-1:02
  • Sixth Period: 1:05-1:57
  • Second Break: 1:57-2:05
  • Seventh Period: 2:08-3:00

Supplies need for science classes

  • A 2-inch binder with loose leaf paper
  • Pencil or pen (black or blue ink)
  • A lab folder for labs
  • Chemistry class will need a calculator
  • Textbook at all times
  • Workbook at all times
  • 25 dollar lab fee


The school year has begun! The first day of school has been a huge success!  All students have been cooperative and understanding!  Parents: There are a few ways that you can contact me at anytime about your child.  You can come visit me during 1st period to discuss how your child is progessing.  When making a visit, you sign in at the office and I am in room 20, or you can send me an email at Another way is to contact me by phone: 555-555-5555.

 About Mr. Walker Kennerly

I teach Biology and Chemistry at Awesome High School in Awesome, Alabama.  I'm a proud alumnus from Phil Campbell High School and a graduate from University of North Alabama with a Bachelor Degree in General Science Education.  In my spare time, I enjoy playing drums, hanging with friends and learning different concepts of science.  I am also a big Alabama fan! ROLL TIDE!!!!