Mrs. Owen's Classroom

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The expectations that the student will have in my classroom are the following: 

1. Be Respectful- wait your turn to speak, listen to your classmates and teacher while they are speaking. When using computers make sure that to think before you act, respect yourself and others. When using social media make sure to keep your personal information private. 

2. Be Responsible- be on time to class, be prepared with pencil and paper, and remember your homework. When using the computers make sure that you are good citizens, use them wisely.  

3. Be Honest- if you do not understand something that is being taught, be honest and ask for help. When using the computers be honest and do not use inappropriate websites, make sure to promote a positive learning environment.   

4. Be Polite- express yourself in a nice way, when you disagree on something use nice words. When using the computers, make sure to use your time wisely, that way other students can use them as well. 


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  • Assignments- All assignments should be turned in on time if for any reason a student did not finish their assignment please notify me via email. If a student turns in late work they will not receive a full grade for the assignment, twenty percent of the grade will be deducted. 
  • Extra Credit- If extra credit is needed, please contact me via email. 
  • Tardies- After two consecutive tardies it will be considered an absence.  
  • Academics- If there are any concerns about a students grades or academics, please contact me via email, include your concerns and a phone number where I can contact you. I will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Homework Expectations-  The student will have homework Monday through Thursday. They will be expected to read 20 minutes per day. They will also have a math assignment and a writing prompt. These assignments need to be turned in the following day.