Mrs. Owen's 4th Grade Class

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The content that the students will be learning this year will be Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. Fourth grade is a big year the students get to explore science. They will be making two science projects throughout the year. Math will also be fun we will be learning two digit multiplication and even use manipulatives to make it fun learning. We will also be cooking to practice our math word problems solving skills. During the reading time, we will be implementing plays. We will be presenting two plays this year for the school and parents which will also be fun! For writing I have planed little trips like going to the cafeteria, to see what the ladies do and write about it. My mission is to make learning fun for the students. I want them to wake up and want to be excited to come to school and learn! 


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1. Come prepared to learn. 

2. Keep your hand, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.Listen when others are talking.

4.Raise your hand to speak.

5. Show respect to school and personal property.

6. Follow classroom rules.


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The following are the consequences that will be taken if a student does not follow directions or misbehaves:

  • The first time the student will get a warning- I will put the student name on the board.
  • The second time the student will lose their recess- I will put a check mark behind their name.
  • The third time they will receive detention on Monday from 1:45-3:00 (No transportation will be provided)-I will put two check marks behind their name.
  • The fourth time they will receive an office referral- I will put three check marks behind their name. 


Reward System 

There will be two reward systems taking place in my classroom, one will be as a whole class and the other will be as individuals. 

Whole Class

There will be a jar where I will be filling it with marbles. The marbles will represent everytime the students do something well as a class. If the class does well as a group in an activity or demonstrates outstanding behavior, they will receive a marble for every accomplishment. If they misbehave as a class three marbles will be taken away. When the jar is full the students will receive a reward party. 


The student will receive a ticket when they demonstrate great behavior in class or if they are working to their potential. At the end of the week, a raffle will be held where students may choose prizes to their liking.