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Once successful, competitors will start to follow you but your positioning will keep you a few steps ahead. When that gift is found, and applied on a daily basis, a fulfilled and successful life naturally follows. After all, who doesn t want to get the most from life? We all only have one shot at being on this big, blue marble called Earth so why not make our time here rubber Traffic cone all it can be? Getting more from life is the result of applying learned skills. It doesn t happen by chance and you better not leave it up to luck. Oh yeah, and hoping things get better for you will not make it happen either. You can then allow yourself to carry these new strengths with you into your future endeavors.Is anybody out there especially in this day and age not looking to create a more fulfilling, abundant life for themselves? To ask this question in a different way, are you completely happy with the direction your life is headed or is there room for improvement? I m going to assume you said that there is room for improvement. With that in mind, let s take a look at 5 common dream killing mistakes you d want to avoid at all costs. Dream Killer #5 Accept That You Are Not Perfect The heck with perfection, it does not exist. That roadmap can stem from being aware of what kinds of mistakes you ll need to avoid along the way.

Which direction you choose to go will be determined by whether or not you make excuses. Through treading unknown waters you ll be giving yourself permission to discover your own unique gift. You see, you can make things happen for yourself or you can make excuses but you ll never be able to do both. . Yes, there is no doubt about it, in life you can achieve great success by developing yourself a roadmap to follow. Dream Killer #2 No Excuses You and you alone can propel yourself on to live a life of prosperity or you re the one to hold yourself back to live a life of mediocrity. Dream Killer #3 Do not fear the unknown Everybody has a unique gift to share with the world. Dream Killer #1 Don t hold back Whether or not you re attacking an area beyond your current scope of expertise, dive in head first. Unless you are an Olympic athlete there is no reason to expect a perfect outcome every time you attempt something. By not shrinking away from the new task at hand you will find areas of strength you didn t realize you had. Think about it, learning what to do will help you develop a plan for success while learning what not to do will help you to avoid the stumbling blocks you ll encounter along the way. Dream Killer #4 Do not blend in with the crowd Success is derived from distinction. The first way is in learning how to do something and the second is in learning what not to do. I know I m not going too far out on a limb making this assumption. As long as you get into the game of life and put yourself out there unabashedly you ll find that the world really is your oyster. In large part, learning how to get more from life will come about in one of two ways. If you can find a way to separate yourself from the pack you will be able to service others in a way nobody else can.