Some popular Japanese Biscuits Snack

Japanese biscuits are the most famous snacks because of its unique and delicious flavors. Varieties of different flavor biscuits are presented with its delicious taste. Below are some of the best Japanese biscuits, have a look on these delightful snacks here:


YBC PICOLA snacks are very crispy, delicious, slim build and buttery in taste. Many other sweet biscuits can be found by you across the world but you will never experience the same quality and taste that is only produced by YBC. Outer shell of picola is made up of thin or slim build wafer that gives you immense pleasure when you bite it into. You feel every chew with great pleasure because of its different and amazing flavors. The inner center of this picola is filled tasty cream and you are free to choose inside cream flavors. For example you can go for strawberry, white mocha, chocolate and even for matcha. In order to grab all this delicious snack, Japanese snacks online store is the best place from where you get varieties of these delicious snacks.


Meiji hello panda snacks are very cute and pleasant to eat. Each piece of this biscuits is having a precious image of hello panda’s that gives these biscuits beautiful and attractive look. This image is printed at the center part of the biscuits. A feeling of satisfaction is achieved by you when you bite its middle portion which is filled with yummy cream. Hello Panda snacks are also available in different flavors like vanilla chocolate and strawberry that will definitely serve your taste buds.


Tree trunks of Bourbon’s lumberjack are having a wonderful taste and is mostly loved by children because of its smooth and sweet milk chocolate that offer as a trunk’s base. So, go for Japanese snacks online and enjoy great taste of these snacks. 


Combination of bamboo and panda goes best like that of snacks and meiji. Each piece of cookies of Meiji is dipped properly into chocolate for getting a thin and chocolaty layer. After this, it gets rolled into the shape of bamboo that gives it the perfect classy and beautiful look that attract the people very much.

Happy sushi house popin ‘cookn’ by hamee

This is one of the popular and most famous Japanese Diy Kits, and is mostly loved by children. Japanese candy set are having a series of this popin ‘cookn’ and it presents a taste of real foods with twist of candy. For the preparation of desserts and foods, only two main ingredients are required that are water and sugar and you are ready with your favorite food. Happy sushi house is one of the most popular kits. With the use of happy sushi house people can prepare several types of sushi like ikura (fish roe), tamago (egg sushi) and many other. Shoyu (soy sauce) and nori (seaweed) are also prepared with its use. Taste of all these candies is very sweet and amazing. No matter what your age is, these are loved by every member of each age group.